Retro Stox is a trip down nostalgia avenue for fans of UK stock car and hot rod racing! It features photographs from yesteryear that I have taken personally, either from spectator areas or from my spells as an official photographer on the infield.

All the pics were taken on good old 35mm film and, looking back, I wish I had a pound for every hour I spent in the confines of a cramped darkroom accompanied by the unpleasant odours of photographic chemicals and straining my eyesight working in the dim glow of an orange safelight. Oh to have had the convenience of digital photography back then! The negatives and slides have been introduced to the digital age courtesy of a Nikon 35mm film scanner.

After taking early retirement from my day job I found I had the time to expand the website by scanning many more negatives and slides that hadn't seen the light of day before. Not all are of brilliant quality - I admit to making mistakes back in the day and also the kit I used for a lot of the time was not up to today's standards. Having said that I felt it was better to have something, warts and all, rather than nothing so I hope a few grainy and out of focus images don't spoil your viewing too much.

I have never hidden the fact that my favourite formula has always been the hot rods (or National Hot Rods as they are now known) and this is reflected in the number of photos of them that appear on the site. I have also included a number of banger photos this time, something which didn't happen on previous versions of the site. The bangers were my least favourite formula on the ovals but this time round I felt it was unfair they should be left out when the site contains photos of just about every other formula.

Please excuse the picture quality of the 1960s and early 1970s shots as they were taken using an old rangefinder camera with a cheap lens and I was just a young lad learning about photography at the time!

You are welcome to email me with any queries or corrections.

I hope you enjoy the site - please come back soon.






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